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Top 10 places in Cologne | Coach Charter | Bus hire with driver

Explore the Top 10 places in Cologne with Coach Charter Cologne - your bus rental company

Explore the Top 10 places in Cologne with Coach Charter Cologne - your bus rental company
When you arrive at Cologne – Bonn airport, the airport shuttle will be your good host to carry you to Cologne for an amazing journey. Our bus service Coach Charter Cologne would be delighted to bring you the cultural capital of your country, and University City with more than 2,000 years of history. A Chartered bus will carry you through Roman times in which Cologne was liable for a district. Tour bus will show you wonderful museums and keep you for days in Cologne. Coach Charter Cologne Bus Rental is really your reliable service to guarantee excellent Cologne holidays.

You are looking for a group travel? Our Rent-a-bus service is the solution! The Chartered Bus for Coach Charter Europe is the perfect choice to fly in Cologne. Tour bus service will help you discover Cologne and take advantage of your holiday. The bus service of Coach Charter Europe kindly let you know about any of the intended endeavours, and arrangements are made before the journey to Cologne. Airport Shuttle will take charge of the transition from airport to hotel and back to your party. 

Where to find help in Cologne? Find our best ten spots to go in Cologne here:

1. Cologne Cathedral

Our Bus rental company will carry you to a foreign spot of pilgrimage. The Cathedral of Cologne has preserved the relic of the Three Kings since 1164. Construction began in 1248 on a new gothic residence for these sacred relics, and it was inspired by the ethereal cathedrals of northern France.


Street Food Festival, an thrilling culinary community right at the center of Cologne, is an intersection of races, fresh foods, regional cuisines and citizens with a taste for the finer things. Our chartered bus service advises that you visit this location if you want to experience food and beverages.

3. LUDWIG Museum

The Ludwig Museum was founded in the 1980s, in the new, purpose-built complex near the cathedral, exhibiting art from the after 1900. The attraction founded in the 1970s after a multi-million dollar collection of 20th-century art was donated by the Ludwigs, Peter, and Irene. Bus rental would be the best choice for Erich Heckel, Kirchner, August Macke and Karl Schmidt-Rottluff to pursue Expressionist photography.

4. Old town

Area As you move from square to square in the traditional heart of the region, it's worth remembering that three-quarters of Cologne were washed out during the battle. Nevertheless, a tour bus has to accept the ancient era feeling shines on streets and squares like Heumarkt and Altermarkt, among the state-of-the-art post-battle concrete buildings too.

5. Botanique GARDEN

Our chartered bus suggests enjoying the loveliest park in Cologne. There are 11.5 hectares of vast lawns, parks, and greenhouses surrounding an elegant glass palace designed in the 1860s influenced by London's Crystal Palace.


The Cologne Cathedral's world heritage designation means no structures will mess too badly with the area's skyline. The panoramic observation deck on the right side of the Rhine offers a photogenic view of the old town, the cathedral towers and Colonius' 266-meter telecommunication tower behind it. The platform is available until 23:00, a tour bus says, and it's the perfect way to see the sun going down behind the cathedral.


The tiered-arch bridge between the cathedral and the KölnTriangle dates back to the early 20th century, and was limited to rail and pedestrian traffic only when rebuilt after the war. Our bus service must recognize that the bridge has been yet another of the last decade to be taken over by the craze of "heart keys."

8. ST. Gereon's BASILICA

St Gereon's Basilika is perhaps the strangest of the 12 Romanesque churches in Cologne. The dome is the largest constructed in the western world during the time between Constantinople's Hagia Sophia in the 500's and Florence Cathedral in the 15th century.


A romanesque church in the Kapitol Viertel is at the location where the ancient Colonia Roman Temple once stood. In addition to the tombs and beautiful wooden pictures of the cathedral, chartered bus suggests searching out the clear pietà (Christ on the Cross) in the northeastern apse, built in the 1300s and noteworthy for its expressiveness.

10. BEER GARDEN at the Aachener WEIHER

Bus rental company will agree the Beer Garden at Aachener Weiher is one of the most popular beer gardens in Cologne and a favorite outdoor spot, a dynamic place that accommodates tourists, joggers, cyclists and musicians all at once at its position in Hiroshima Nagasaki City. Where to live in Köln? Whether you are exploring the region for sightseeing or renting a bus short of time, it is highly advised that you book accommodation in the Historic City Centre. Owing to the numerous pubs, restaurants and coffee shops the location is also great for nightlife. Coach charter Cologne airport shuttle should also be able to carry your party and assist your party during the Cologne travel period.

How does one get to Cologne? Coach charter Cologne advises that you use a jet. Your group will travel the airport in Cologne-Bonn. The airport shuttle for Coach Charter Cologne will select you and your party from the airport or some other location in and around the area. It should take only a little time with our bus service to get inside the city and start enjoying your Cologne holiday. We are the tour bus that offers you versatility because you are able to build your individual community ride. Our bus rental company will be the smart companion to have when taking transfers to Cologne airport.

Give us your query now and we will search you for costs and availability to send you the best deal for your ride to Cologne.

Your team of Coach Charter Cologne.

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